It's time to pack all of our favorite things and get ready for this holiday season! Ever since Tyler and I have been married we have traveled over the holidays... and I have become an expert packer, ha! ;) I'm not really sure if I'm an expert, haha, but I do know what works best for me. This season I am pretty excited about packing all my gear in my JoTotes Gracie bag and I'm over the moon that it fits everything I need. If you stopped by on Wednesday, then we got to chat about the things I needed out of a good camera bag and one thing I'm loving most about this bag is that it's inconspicuous. I can fit all my important gear inside without my bag necessarily screaming that it's full of gear. Another thing I'm loving is that theGracie bag is perfect for road tips. I can carry it on the go, it pairs perfectly with outfits, and it's easy to carry.


  • D300s, 35mm attached

  • D700, 50mm attached

  • Nikkor 55-300mm

  • Gorilla pod

  • Mini Ipad

  • Posing sketch book

  • Lens cleaning wipes, lens brush, and lens cloth

  • Sunglasses

  • Zip pouch full of goodies

  • Phone

The D300s (plus lens), the D700 (plus lens), the Nikkor 55-300, the gorilla pod, my sunglasses and my zip pouch all fit in the main body of my Gracie bag. The Gracie bag also has lots of pockets which house all the other goodies. The mini Ipad fits perfectly in the front zip pocket. My posing sketch book fits in one of the inside pockets and the two large pockets hold my phone and I could also fit some snacks in there too.

Guys, the JoTotes Gracie bag is so great! I want y'all to get one too! There are so many things about it that just work for me, swoon. Guys, what are you packing in your camera bag? What is your favorite camera bag? xoxo! Samantha