Guys, it can be so tough getting pictures of Tyler and I together. Often times it is either he or I behind the camera. When Tyler and I are in photos together you can usually assume there is a tripod on the other side. ;) Tyler and I have become pretty good at tackling outdoor photos together with our tripod but indoor photos are another story. It can be rather tricky in our tiny little space, but I've decided to challenge us more by trying to capture more indoor cozy photos.


A tripod serves a lot of purposes when you're capturing indoor portraits. First, if you want everyone in the photo, it holds the camera of course. ;) Second, a tripod will solve the problem of low light. We run into low light a lot in our tiny house and my tripod has become well used in our house. When shooting with a tripod you can shoot with as slow a shutter speed as you wish. However, with a slow shutter, stillness is a must. A slow shutter usually won't work when photography children. You can solve that problem by increasing your ISO, but with an increased ISO you will encounter more noise. Experiment with you camera to understand the limits of your camera's ISO.


Multiple light sources will make it really difficult to get a correct white balance. If you're shooting near a window, avoid turning on any indoor lights. We have skylights in our tiny house and it sometimes makes it difficult to get a correct white balance because the light coming in from the skylights is cool and the light coming in from the side windows is warm. Keep an eye out for those different light sources.


During the day is when the best light is. :) It's also different per house.  Start looking around your home and determine when and where the best light is. We have really good like between 8:00am and 10:00am. And we have really good light in the afternoon. I do my best to shoot during those specific times to get the best light.


Posing yourself for portraits is so hard and takes a lot of practice. It's much easier to see your subject through the lens and direct them, then to have to do it to yourself. Don't get discouraged when posing and directing yourself. Try, try and try again until you get something you like. This is something I'm still learning, but I know that if I made an effort to challenge myself to do this every day I would get better.


We don't have to many places to shoot portraits in our tiny house, haha! But if we were to really take advantage of all of our different spaces, I'm sure there would be more then we thought. For these portraits we took a few in our living room on our couch and then we moved to the kitchen. Our couch portraits were really tough because it was hard to figure out attractive posing while sitting on a couch. Try different locations throughout your home and you are bound to find one's you really love and hopefully  you'll be surprised by them too.

It can be really though to capture indoor tripod style portraits, but it can be so worth it too. If we take the time to learn our camera's and set up our tripods, we can capture lots of cozy memories in our home. Friends, I'm dreaming up a photography challenge for after the new that is going to challenge our tripod portrait skills, be on the look out! xoxo! Samantha