Food photography has always been a little tough for me.  I love looking at food photography, but there is definitely technique when it comes to good food photography. There are also lots of different styles when it comes to food photography, don't get discouraged if your food photography style is different then someone elses. But remember to challenge your self by trying those different styles. The more styles you try, the more likely you'll find a style that is most specific too you.

One of my favorite types of food photography is a dark moody style. That particular style is actually one that is hard for me to accomplish, but I love challenging myself with it. Today, I want to share a few easy ways to up your food photography game. These are really easy things that you can do to make your photos more engaging.

Really quick, let's cover the basics of our everyday photos before we dive into specifics. One, use natural light, natural light will look best. Two, use your tripod, your tripod will insure sharp images. Three, understand your camera settings; shooting in manual, the importance of white balance, and understanding ISO. All these things will set you up for great photos every time.

INCLUDE FRESH ITEMS: One thing that I love about food photography is seeing fresh ingredients. It adds more to your story, draws in your readers, and adds variety. I wish I could include fresh from the garden items every time I did food photos, but that's not always the case. When I actually do have fresh items, I take full advantage.

VARY THE CAMERA ANGLE: There are lots of different angles and shots to get when shooting food, so try different ones. The overhead shot is classic. Remember to shoot portrait and landscape. And remember those details too.

HOT OR COLD: About a year ago a did a post about Walt Disney Inspired Chili. The first time I took photos of the chili it didn't look cute, ha! The cheese was all melty and it looked far from delicious. The next time I took photos I shot the chili cold. because I decided to shoot the chili cold it worked out great! Try your food items hot and cold, you never know which one works best.

KEEP THE PLATE CLEAN: When you plate your food, remember to keep your plate (or bowl) clean. Dirty plates distract from the food. 

ADD LAYERS:  If you're main item is a bowl of soup or a dish of food add layers with props or other food. Throw in a dish towel, fresh veggies, baked bread or multiple plates or bowls. It will add a sense of community to your work. You're not just feeding one person, you're feeding many. :)

Alright friends, that's just a few ways to up your food photography game, but I'm 100% sure there are more ways too. What are some ways that you up your food photography game? xo. Samantha