The best moments to capture are the in-between moments. The moments that are unplanned, the glances that are sweet and intimate. The moments that highlight a couples personality. I look through photos all the time and I'm often inspired by those photos, bit overtime I have come to love the in-between moments.

I loved capturing those in-between moments with this couple. Eden is actually Tyler's cousin, which makes her my cousin too. :) And what made this shoot extra fun was that Tyler was there shooting too. I love shooting with Tyler. We have a pretty solid rhythm.

Guys, we shot these photos in my home town and it was so fun! We always enjoy being home and I was reminded of how much I enjoy shooting there. I felt so at ease and I loved knowing exactly where I was going... I still have plenty to learn about our new town, whew.

Alright friends, I'm planning on sharing a breakdown of how I prepare for couple shoots and my process during couple shoots, so stay tuned. If you have any photography questions don't hesitate to ask. I'm tackling my session process because a friend of mine asked and I would love answer your questions too. xo. Samantha