We're back and we've been home for about 5 days. All of Monday was spent unpacking and the remainder of the week was all about getting back on track and routine. We had the most amazing time while we were gone. Going to Missouri means going home, many of our roots are there. Lots of friends and lots of family.

Our small town roots have caused us to love small towns too; quaint, beautiful, and warm. Whenever we're home we do our best to see all of our favorite people and that is exactly what we did. We spent the first week of our visit staying at my moms house and the second week of the visit staying at Tyler's mom's house. My brother didn't come home for Christmas this year so we had lots of video calls with him too, which was fun.

We made a Star Wars gingerbread train one evening, did lots of Christmas shopping, went to Richardson's Candy House (one of my favorite places,) visited Precious Moments (a holiday tradition,) and ate way too much food, ha!

Before Christmas and before we even left Tyler was working on a special project. On his side of the family we draw names for Christmas. He drew our brother-in-law and he decided to paint him a custom sign. Tyler had been working on it for a few weeks before we left and he finished it up when we arrived. Man, he's talented. ;) I'll be sharing more details of his work in another post, woot!

During our time home we always see lots of friends. Friends that we have known since we have been in high school. It's so nice to have those type of friends. We've all grown up together, they have children now, which is so amazing. One of my best friends now has three beautiful little girls.

While we were in Joplin, Tyler and I both got hair cuts and after my hair appointment I snapped a few quick pictures of downtown. I love all the old brick buildings, history is my favorite. We spent half of Christmas day with my side of the family and the other half of the day with Tyler's side of the family. We did family pictures with Tyler's side of the family, brought in the New Year, and cherished every moment we had.

Every time we're back we talk about how we can't wait to return. We always miss our family, friends, and deep midwest roots. But we always know that God has us right were He wants us. On our drive home Tyler and I talked about how hopes for this New Year and I'm looking forward to wants in store. How was your holiday? What are your hopes for this New Year? xo. Samantha