When we returned from our holiday travels it was time to take down our Christmas decorations. In previous years I've kept them up nearly until February, but this year they came down a few weekends ago. I knew once our Christmas decorations came down that our home might feel a little cold and less cozy.

The weekend we took down our Christmas decorations I set out to add a little warm and wintery greens to our inside space. I was interested in adding this wintery greenery on the cheap so I headed outside. Before we left for Christmas Tyler had trimmed a few trees and all the trimmings were still outside. I knew that would be a great place to start. Tyler and I headed outside and I grabbed a few of my favorite pieces. Once I was back inside it was time to create some greenery to hang in our space.

I knew warming up the space would be inspiring and I was hoping it would spire on some creativity. My creativity felt rather zapped before the holidays and I've been looking forward to creating again. Adding greenery to the house was a great start and it definitely helped. Our space may be small, but I managed to hang some greenery just about everywhere, ha! I hung a little above the window of our office space, I hung a few pieces on our closet doors, and I hung a few pieces over one of our front windows.

With the added greenery I thought it might be fun to create a new center piece. Because our space is small I'm always looking for new ways to spruce things up. I gathered a few items from around the house and they all came together nicely.

With eight weeks left of winter I knew that warming up our space would really help and it definitely inspired creativity, which I was hoping for. In any field we all go through different moments of slumps in creativity and finding new ways to ignite that creativity are always welcomed. How are you warming up you space this winter? How are you finding inspiration? xoxo. Samantha

P.S. Because our greenery was real and from outdoors it didn't last that long, ha! We had little green things all over the house. ;)