A few weeks ago I signed up for a class with Hilary Rushford. It was her "Get Paid to Be a Creative" class. We all want to learn how we can get paid to be creative, right? Her class was good and it was one of her free classes, which also promoted Elegant Excellence.  Long story short, she chatted about elegantly effortless... what do we all do that is elegantly effortless? Hilary mentioned that for her teaching was elegantly effortless.

That go me thinking... what do I do that is elegantly effortless? When I look back on my journey and this space I see lots of different things. My first go around was in 2009 with photography. Then in 2013 I started up again sewing handmade goods on Etsy. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was sure willing to give it all I had. A year later, I thought maybe I was finding my groove. But then a few months after that I was changing things up again. And it wasn't a few months after that that we were moving to the East Coast. Looking back on 2015 it was rather hard on me and this space went through another transition. For all the different things I've tried and transitioned through, I'm so grateful that y'all have stuck with me. Seriously.

I almost wasn't going to share this. Mostly because I didn't want it to seem like this space was going through another transition. But, I have definitely been thinking about what I do that is elelganlty effortless and I have been thinking about what I have learned. What I do know is that I miss a lot of those things; sewing, and making, and designing and creating. Those things are all apart of me. And while some may say that you should find one thing to blog about and stick with it to create a stronger niche... well... that just doesn't work for me. My niche, is creating, in the whole sense of the word. And the great thing about these spaces is that when we grow, they grow as well. When we change, they change as well. When we discover new things about ourselves, then new things pop up here too. I've also learned that I have much to learn, especially about business. Whew, we'll just leave business for another day, ha!

This space is going to move along just as it always has, a space full of creating. Have you been thinking about what you do that is elegantly effortless? I would love to hear about it. Let's all encourage and inspire each other in the things we do that are elegantly effortless. xoxo. Samantha