I really love photo props, but I really really love photo props when I can make them myself. ;) You also may have noticed that I have been working on upping my flatlay photography game, with this post and this DIY. It just made sense to work on some photo props too. :) One thing I love is brown paper packages tied up with sting. I just think they are so dreamy. I love seeing them in pictures too because it represents a spirit of giving.

What is so great about making props at home is that skies are the limit. If you can dream it, mostly likely you can make it. I've been thinking about making garland next, we'll see what I can dream up.


  • Small box
  • Kraft Paper
  • Glue gun
  • Twine


This DIY is so easy guys. I love quick and easy projects. Wrap your small box in kraft paper and adhere with hot glue. I had a small box from a recent Etsy purchase, but any box would work. I always keep a few small Amazon boxes for projects too. My kraft paper is really sturdy, so I knew it would need more then just tape to hold it in place and hot glue was perfect. Plus, I wanted the sides of my wrapped package to look really clean sans tape. Once your box is wrapped, tie with twine. Easy peasy, right!?

Friends, I know this DIY may be really simple but I hope it inspires you to get creative with making your photography props. You don't always have to purchase new items, sometimes we just need a little creativity and imagination. xoxo. Samantha