I open my email and there it is, "you have a new order," and in typical Samantha fashion, I've got praise hands lifted high, thanking Jesus, because He is making things happen. When I see a new order or a client inquiry pop up in my email, I'm always so excited because I absolutely love what I do.  

Whenever shop orders come in I'm always so excited to see what they have picked! And then I'm almost always thinking, "How can I make their experience even better?" One of the reasons I love what I do is because I get to take care of and serve others. I am so honored when people purchase styled stock images from the shop or hire me to create custom brand photos because it means they trust me enough to come along side them in their business journey. It means that I am helping to ease their burden. My hope and prayer is that through every customer and client experience, they will be blessed. Their own business journey will feel lighter and full of joy. 

Now before you think that everything is sunshine and roses, I still do have my struggles. Are there hard days? Oh my gracious, yes. Are there days when I struggle to create? Yes. Are there days when I don't feel enough? Yes. Are there days when doubt creeps in? Yes. When I run into days like that I fix my eyes on Jesus and I just get really honest. I tell Jesus how I'm struggling and how I need help. 

There are so many things about styled stock photography and small business that I love. Styling props, taking photos, creating systems, finding new ways to do business better, implementing processes. I even love the challenges. But at the end of the day the most beautiful thing about small business is the opportunity to bless and love others in Jesus name. Whether it's customers, clients, people reading the blog, business friends, or anyone else the like. 

Every opportunity is an opportunity to love well.

That is why I love what I do. What are some of the reasons you love your job, small business, or craft? xoxo. Samantha