Florals and Greens Stock Photo Images

I'm often most inspired by the uninterrupted, by the beauty of things I had no hand in creating. When I create styled stock photos, I spend time sketching out ideas, I plan which props I'm going to use, I spend time styling those props together to create something beautiful. But some of the most beautiful things, some of the most exquisite, some of the most simple yet complex things, are the things right in front of us. The things created in nature.

That's what I'm bringing you today with the Florals & Greens collection. I've updated this collection with 14 new images all full of those simple yet complex beautiful things. This collection has a variety of vertical and horizontal images and can be used in a variety of ways. Lifestyle posts, Pinterest, Instagram, Instagram Stories. Absolutely perfect for helping to tell your story in a beautiful way.  

Scroll through the gallery below to view the entire Florals & Greens Collection.

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