how to use stock photos to grow my email list

This is the second installment of my list building series. You can catch the first one here, it's kind of a doozy, so be prepared. ;) Out of all the things that small businesses say they need help with, it's almost always building their email lists. Which makes sense because an email list is one of the best things you can do for your business. I also think it's far easier to grow than any social following. People show up on your email list because they are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. People don't join your email list in hopes that they'll get a follow back (which happens all the time on social media.) But they show up on your list because you've let them know that you can help them and serve them in an area of their life.

My first installment on list building was all about creating a system to build and grow your email list. Today is all about promoting your freebie so you can grow your email list. Not sure about what to offer or even where to start with your system? Hop over here and download your FREE list building blueprint. 


Before you begin to promote your freebie, you need one of two things, an opt-in page or a blog post. You need a place for people to land so they download your freebie and provide you with their email. So... before you start promoting, decide how you'll offer your freebie. Don't stress about whether a blog post or opt-in page is better, either will work. I have a few blog posts that offer freebies and I have a few opt-in pages that offer freebies. Pick one that works for you and see how it goes. 



It's so easy these days to create amazing graphics. To get started you need two things. One, amazing eye-catching photos. In need of photos to promote your freebie and grow your email list? Download 15+ Free photos now! Two, a place to customize that stock photo with words that get people on their list. The easiest place to do that is Canva. My favorite thing about Canva is that you can choose from tons of different templates, which makes it even faster to customize. Once you have your photos you can upload your photos with the template you picked out, change up the words and you're good to go.


Pinterest is by far one of my favorite places to promote a new freebie and to grow my email list. Canva even has templates just for Pinterest too. Hop over to Canva and pick out your favorite Pinterest template. Pinterest is ideal for promoting and growing your list because Pinterest is basically the search engine of your ideal client. You can craft a Pinterest image that either links to your blog post or opt-in page, and with an eye-catching image and keywords, that image will be doing all the work for you. Pinterest also provides the opportunity for your freebie to get pinned and shared multiple times. 

Check out the examples below to see how you can create amazing graphics to promote and grow your list! 


Instagram stories is another amazing place to promote your freebie. I suggest Instagram stories over your feed because there is a greater chance for your freebie to be seen by your followers. Canva also has Instagram story templates so as long as you have your amazing eye-catching photos you'll be ready to create an amazing graphic for your Instagram stories.  Another thing to remember is that even though you share your promotion once, it doesn't mean it has to be your last. Not everyone will be on Instagram during the time you share your freebie. Don't be shy about sharing that freebie multiple times. 

Check out the examples below to see how you can create amazing graphics for Instagram stories so you can start growing your email list today! 

Promoting your email list doesn't have to be hard or even overwhelming. Grab a few of your favorite photos, pick out your favorite templates from canva, and share share share. xo! Samantha

P.S. Canva has an amazing app that you can use for FREE to create beautiful instagram stories on the go!