I made a lot of changes when I switched over to Squarespace. Switching to Squarespace gave me new confidence and it helped me to see an opportunity for new and endless growth. I no longer felt boxed in, with Squarespace I can grow and make changes and that is so exciting. One of the first things I did when switching over to Squarespace was to go through my old content. I felt good about this for two reasons. One, I wanted to streamline my purpose and mission and that started with my content. If I did not view a post as content that was moving me forward I was ready to delete it. The second reason I felt good about this was because I left my "blogger" site live. I knew if I wanted to return to those old posts I still could.

I had gone through my old content, but now what? It was content that I had worked hard on... it was content that I felt provided value... was I just going to let is sit there? Between switching to Squarespace and writing this article I had read something that helped me to think differently about my content overall. In short I learned that my old content was still worth value and worth sharing, my next step was to make it more accessible.


When I went through old content I looked through everything. There were some posts that clearing needed to be deleted. There were other posts that had a decent start but needed help. Those posts that needed help went into two categories. The first category was the refresh category. The refresh category meant I could update the photo, make a few format updates and be good to go. The second category was for content that was good, but needed more help. For these posts I deleted them completely for rewrites. Keep in mind that when you delete posts if they are linked to pins you may loose traffic. If you have posts that are high traffic pin posts, but need refreshed, consider maintaining the post, but refreshing it completely.


Make your old content easy to find. This is something I have really been working on. When I switched to Squarespace I made a page specifically for photography tips. I really wanted you guys to be able to access these articles with one easy click. Second to that, I've been working on an archive portal. Creating an archive portal has taken a little time, but I love what it offers. Instead of a drop down menu, which can sometimes be overwhelming, you can know click through to our archives and view each post by the month. It's easy to access, more visually appealing, and easy to find old content. Creating pages specifically for your old content or topic specific content provides value to your readers by making it easy to access.


At one point in my blog career my thought process about postings went like this, "write post, publish post, promote post... for a day." Once the day of the posting had past I thought it was the end and I quit promoting. Friends, I was so wrong. Don't let those old posts die, keep them alive and keep promoting them. I have an excel sheet with a running list of my best post that I continue to promote and every time I create something new I add it to the list. When I schedule posts for promotion I can pull directly from that list. Just because the post has passed doesn't mean it still doesn't provide value, keep promoting it. :)

Have you ever seen the movie, "Bride Wars?" In the opening scene Kate Hudson says, "If they dress works, you work it hard." That's how I feel about older content, if the content works, you work it hard. xoxo. Samantha