Americana Styled Stock Images

It's launch day and I've been dreaming up this collection for the last few weeks. You may or may not know, but for each collection, I thumbnail every single photo. Thumbnails are small sketches and these small sketches keep me on track while I photograph each collection. I used to curate inspiration boards and photograph each collection that way, but that method just didn't work for me. I was spending too much time shooting each collection and not coming out with as much variety as I wanted. The art comes out through the thumbnail, through the thought, and creation of each sketch. I have to be able to think through ideas and inspiration before shooting. For each idea I have, I thumbnail how the photo will look. If I can't visualize the photo in my "mind's eye," then I won't be able to style that photo in the moment. 

For this collection, I thumbnailed about 25 photos. I spent a few weeks thumbnailing ideas, as I knew the type of feel I wanted for this collection, but I needed to allow myself time to generate ideas. The goal is to shoot all 25 ideas, plus a few variations as I create. I learned that if I didn't thumbnail each photo I would get stuck. For me, there is a difference between creating and shooting, the real work is in the pre-production. The photo session isn't actually where I create, it's where I produce. Each thumbnail is where I create. Each photo is a product of that creation. 

So, without further ado, let me introduce the Americana Collection! As I created this collection I had in mind lots of lifestyle images that would be perfect for Instagram, lifestyle posts for blogs and Pinterest and mockups for lifestyle products. I also wanted it to have the perfect homey American Summer feel. The Americana Collection has 29 styled stock images, perfect for an Americana Summer!

This collection has a variety of vertical images, perfect for lifestyle posts and Pinterest (my favorite social platform for driving website traffic,) plus each image is easily cropable for Instagram. I also include a few horizontal images and a few pre-cropped Instagram images!


  • Lifestyle bloggers
  • Designers
  • Hand letters/calligraphers
  • Artists
  • Educators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters

Scroll through the gallery below to view the entire Americana Collection.

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