Lifestyle & Desktop Stock Images

Green is the new pink. ;) Remember that episode where Rory goes to Sherry's baby shower and everything is green instead of pink...even though Sherry is having a girl and the entire baby show they say, 'green is the new pink!" Well, that was my inspiration for this collection.... kidding! My inspiration for this collection was actually the green fabric that you see in all the styled desktops. A few months back I went looking for really great textured fabric and I specially looked for fabric that had really rich tones. One of the fabrics I came away with was this really great green. I knew I wanted to create a collection around it and the Terra Collection was born. 

I wanted to keep the collection really earthy and less obviously feminine. This collection is full of styled desktops, lifestyle images, and mockups.  I do my best to round out each collection so that images can be used in a variety of places like Instagram, blog posts, Pinterest, newsletters, social banners, social ads and more. The Terra Collection has over 20 styled stock images and I can't wait to see how you use yours!

This collection has 13 vertical images, perfect for lifestyle posts and Pinterest (my favorite social platform for driving website traffic) plus each image is easily cropable for Instagram. It also has 10 horizontal images. Scroll through the gallery below to view the entire Terra Collection!

Snag one of your favorite bundles here and set your brand apart! xoxo! Samantha