In the last few years if I was going shopping (which I don’t do that often) I was going for workout gear. I was never really a fitness person until Tyler and I started working out together. We were about 2 years in to being married and a friend from church invited us to do P90X3 with a group he was putting together. I don’t even remember if I had workout clothes to start… I’m sure I grabbed an old pair of dolphin shorts and t-shirt, basically anything I had in my closet. We were newly weds without any extra cash, so we did with what we had. When Christmas rolled around that year I told my mom all I wanted was fitness clothes.

Over time working out became one of my favorite things… I was that obnoxious friend that was constantly asking her friends to workout, and my wardrobe was slowly taken over by workout clothes. And I’m still that person today, haha. I’ll buy workout clothes all day long… when it comes to putting together everyday outfits, I feel kind of lost, ha.

I prefer my workout gear to be multiple purpose so I look for items that I can wear for lots of different activities; cardio, strength training, pilates, hiking…. maybe running (I’m not a big runner, haha.)

Ready to refresh your workout clothes or gear up FOR your fitness journey?! Jump ahead for all my favorite items!

HEAT GEAR LEGGINGS: These Under Armour leggings are my favorite and I love that I can wear them for just about anything. I wear them when I do cardio, I wear them when I strength train, and I wear them when I do yoga. These crop leggings work really well for me, because 5’2” so they aren’t too long. I sometimes have a problem with leggings being too long.

I love Under Armour leggings, because they are made to perform, are excellent quality and are more affordable then Lululemon, haha. They stay put, but still move with you, and I love that I can wear them and feel like I’m not wearing anything.

The number one thing I look for when choosing workout clothes is performance and these leggings do not disappointment.

ECLIPSE BRA: I have multiple UA Eclipse bras. They are considered mid-impact, which means they are going to be snug and I love that about them. I wear them for everything, even everyday things. I’m small chested which means I can wear the Eclipse bra for cardio, strength training, running, and hiking. If you need more support and more coverage I would recommend an UA bra that is high impact, like the Eclipse high impact front zip.

WHISPERLIGHT MUSCLE TANK: I just recently got into crop tops and muscle tanks. I love how muscle tanks pair with leggings. I think they are super fun, are light weight and perform great!

CHARGED RUNNING SHOE: These UA running shoes are perfect if you have a narrow heel and wide toe box. They keep your heel in place and reduce slipping which drives me crazy. I wouldn’t recommend these shoes for cross-training, you need something with a wider base to maintain balance. You could wear theres shoes for strength training, but I would recommend a cross-trainer for strength training too. You need your feet to have a flat base when lifting, especially if you’re doing legs… you need something that allows you to put your weight in your heels.

UA ULTRA LOW SOCKS: I have been wearing these no show socks for years and they are my favorite. They stay put, don’t slip down your heel and stay hidden within your shoe.


POCKET RUN SHORTS: I wear these UA run shorts for strength training and cardio. They are also great on the go. They have built in briefs, which used to drive me a little crazy, but I love them now because they stay put no matter what workout I’m doing.

STREAKER TANK & TWIST TANK: I have tons of UA tanks and they are all razor back, haha. I’ve had this one and this one for years. I wear them for cardio, strength training, and hiking.

PLAY UP MESH SHORTS: I wear these shorts for cardio and strength training, they are great!

HEADPHONES: These headphones aren’t anything fancy, but they get the job done. I love wearing them when strength training.