How many photos are currently in the member library? 

There are over 400 images in the library right now and new images are added monthly. We retire old images and add new images monthly that way images are always fresh and not overused. 

What if I sign up and then change my mind? 

Because of the nature of digital downloads and your instant access to unlimited images, there are no refunds given on memberships. 

If you decide the Elah Tree Member Library is not the best fit for you, simply cancel you membership before your auto renewal date. 

Your membership will remain active until the end of your subscription and you can still download images up until your renewal end date. 

What are the terms and license mean? 

The use and purchase of Elah Tree images comes with a non-exclusive limited use license. This agreement is super simple! The Purchaser (that's you) may use the image for personal or professional use in the normal course of your business. You may crop the image and overlay the image with text or pdfs that fit your needs. You may even paint out certain props within the image. The Purchaser may not otherwise alter or manipulate the image. Samantha Kakac remains the sole and exclusive owner and holder of the copyright of the image and the Purchaser may not sell, lease, loan, transfer, assign, or give away the image or otherwise allow a third-party to use the image in any way. 

What is the size and resolution of images? 

All images are 300ppi and average approximately 4200 x 2800.


When you purchase your stock photos those image are yours to use in the normal course of your thriving and kick-booty business. ;) You do not have to provide credit when sharing and using your stock photos. We love it when you tag us and give us a shout out on social media, because we love celebrating you, but providing credit is not required. 


Your photos are just for you. We know that sharing is caring, but in this case we think you are doing yourself, your brand, and other small businesses an injustice by sharing. I want your photos to be specific and unique to your brand. Sharing them with others means those images that you picked out just for your brand are going to pop up other places. Sharing photos also takes away from this small business because if you are sharing your photos with other people that means they didn't pay for use of them and you and them are breaking the licensing term outlined in your purchase. 

If I decide to cancel my membership, can I still use the photos I previously downloaded?

Yes, absolutely! You can continue to use any photos you have downloaded even after canceling your membership. Remember, once you cancel your membership, your account will remain active until your renewal end date. You can continue to download images until that day. After that day, your account will be deactivate and you will no longer be billed.

Remember, no refunds will be given if you forget to cancel before your membership renews. Mark you calendar for your membership renewal date, that way you'll know when it renews and if you choose to cancel you can before the renewal date.

Can I use these images more then once? 

Yes, absolutely. Use them as many times, anywhere you like. Use for your blog, website, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, ect. 


Yes! Absolutely! You can crop vertical and horizontal images into squares. You can crop square images vertically or horizontally. You can crop images into to banners for Facebook. You can crop images to highlight the details. You can crop images for your website. The great thing about cropping images is that you can make them even more unique to you. 


Elah Tree stock photos come with limited editing rights. This means you can overlay text, you can overlay filters, you can paint over props, you can crop, you can add text, you can overlay screenshots for mock ups, you can add products for product mockups. You can basically overlay anything over the photo you can think of. The main editing limitation is that you can not actually edit or manipulate the original photo.


No way. I strive to create images that are down-to-earth and authentic. Stock photos are meant to highlight and elevate your brand, not replace it. The perfect thing about stock photos is that you can pick out the photos that suite your brand perfectly. The other thing to remember is that you and your brand are unique and you'll pick out photos specific to you. And then next person will pick out photos specific to them. :)