Styled Stock Photography for Small Businesses, Shop Owners, and Bloggers. 

Your brand and businesses keep you busy... and so does your family. What makes your business unique and continually thriving is you. There is no other business like yours, there is no other blog like yours, because you are at the helm. The struggle is real... You keep finding yourself behind the camera or searching endlessly for the perfect styled stock image. Something that will perfectly highlight your brand, product, business, and life. 

Enter The Stock Collection

The Stock Collection was created to meet those needs and come along side you in your business and blog journey. We're about telling your story with high end quality images, while staying on budget. It's about freeing up your time, while curating images that highlight and enhance your brand and business. 


Hello! I'm Samantha, midwest raised with a heart for adventure!

I’m a styled stock photographer and educator with big dreams for YOU! I love small town livin’, movie nights in, mountain hikes, and grace upon grace. 


The Stock Collection

Shop the ultimate styled stock collection for small businesses, shops, and lifestyle bloggers. Breathing life into your business with styled stock photography. join our mailing list for special offers and discounts! 

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