I've been trying to get back into a routine and it has been tough. When we lived in corporate housing it was easy to let time get away from me, but now that we're in our own space I'm more inspired and driven to get back on track and create better time management habits. I don't want to fritter my time away doing things that don't bring me closer to my goals and dreams. But I also don't won't to end each day feeling crushed and overwhelmed. I want to find a good balance of accomplishing my goals, taking care of our home and doing life.

I've always been a routine type of person, but I've also learned that structure is suffocating. Balance has become essential in finding what works best for me. Over the years I've tried and experimented with different techniques to help me with better time management. I've used digital planners and paper planners. I've woken up early to get things done and I've stayed up late to get things done. I've blocked out time for projects and I've created outlines. Now, I'm currently in a season where I want to figure which of these different things I've tried work the best.


Getting back on track with my time management started with my new Day Designer planner. I've used digital planners, where I block out time for certain projects, but I still always had a running to do list and blocking out time was to constrictive. My Day Designer allows me to maintain weekly to do list while adding things to each day that I want to accomplish. This allows me to get things done without over structuring my day hour by hour. My days are based on small accomplishments, not hour by hour projects.


Okay, not all together, but I try to cut back on my time spent on social media. Unless I'm doing research or something specif to a goal, I don't spend to much time on social media and I try not to multitask with social media. I set specific times that I'm going to check on those things so I can be all there and then move on so I can focus on other things.


Or at the end of your day. Constantly checking my email through out the day is distracting and doesn't allow me to completely focus on my daily tasks. I either check my email at the beginning of my day or at the end of my day.


Breaks are so important for me. I'm not able to create my best work if I don't allow myself to take a break. Taking breaks allows me to relieve stress and keeps my work from consuming me. If everything doesn't get done it's okay, there are other days and others hours.


Deadlines help me to stay on track and help me to accomplish my goals in timely manner. I actually don't always like to set deadlines, but if I don't set them things just pass me by. Deadlines provide an opportunity to reach my goals.

All of us have different ways to manage time and get things done. I've been trying to get to a place where things are more organized and I don't feel like everything is spinning above my head. Creating better time management habits will help me to reach my goals, purge things in my life that aren't working, and continue to grow and make changes.

What are things you do better manage your time? What are your favorite resources to keep you on track? 

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