Guys, we went to the beach a few weekends ago and it was so dreamy. We had planned for a whole week to go and then cancelled last minute because of impending rain. The day of our cancelled beach trip the sun ended up being out so we headed to the beach on a Friday afternoon and it was so lovely and just what we had been needing.

We had been spending lots of weekends in doors or at the house working on projects trying to put our tiny house together and I had been spending one to many days crying, ha! We arrived at the beach around 3:30ish and because it was Friday the beach was rather quiet. The last beach we had been too was in SoCal and many beaches in SoCal are crazy busy, full of people. I am happy to report that this particular beach experience was so lovely and peaceful and there were hardly any people there.

Guys, this was my first time on a New England beach and I have to say I'm a fan. If I could go to a beach that was this empty all the time I would. It also felt a little crazy because I had never been to a beach with big beautiful trees right off the shore.  We took in lots of sun, laying on the beach and walking along the breaking waves. One of my favorite things ever is to lay peacefully in the sun soaking up a good tan. We munched on a few snacks and then took a handful of photos.

I'm trying to get better at snapping photos while we're out and about and Tyler is really good at encouraging me to break out the camera. I love that we are both passionate about photography now, it makes my heart swell and he is always encouraging me to learn more and do better.

After this beach trip, Tyler told a few friends of how great it was and I made it to the beach again this past Monday, score! I was really hoping to soak up a few more summer days before Fall arrives. I also snapped a few more photos. Cheers! 


When you're out taking photos you're not always going to experience the perfect light. You might be out when the sun is crazy high in the sky or you may be out during the magic hour. Either way keep taking photos. Taking photos in all kinds of light situations will strengthen your skills and give you lots of confidence. You'll come away knowing that you can tackle any light situation. We started snapping photos the minute we got to the beach. It wasn't quiet magic hour but that didn't keep us from taking photos and it didn't keep us from having fun either. :)