California in the Fall. If you've been hanging out here for a while I'm sure you know that I currently reside in Southern California. I slightly feel like a broken record because I feel like I mention it all the time. I'm assuming my need to mention it is because of the lack of seasons. And I can't just say California because the southern, central and northern regions are so different. I'll refrain from discussing Los Angeles...

So back to Fall. As you can probably tell it's not quit cold here, not even a little. A couple of weeks ago there were a few days in the 60º but other then that it hangs out around 80º. It does however get pretty cool in the evening which is lovely. So in order for me to make it feel like Fall I wear boots all the time... with everything. Sun dress with boots. Check.

And for your amusement... I still haven't figure out how not to turn into a huge nerd in front of the camera. So, lets break these down, shall we? Me dancing?... with fists...twice. Do normal people do that? Am I preparing for someone to attack me? Did I just make up a new dance move? Oh, look, me attempting a yoga move of some kind, in which I perform extremely poorly. Awesome. And last, bottom left... I'm not quit sure words could explain that one.  

How is Fall treating you?