We did it! After two weeks of couch surfing we have finally moved into our new space and it feels so good to be some place permanently, whew. Couch surfing for two weeks was rough. Even though our space is in chaos, it's nice to know that we're not going anywhere else.

This weekend kicked off our move and we started the off morning by taking what little belongings we had to our place. It was a quick trip as we only had one car load, ha! After we had our things moved in we headed to Ikea, grabbing a burger on the way. Tyler and I had been looking at things online that we might like so we were a little prepared when we arrived. We spent the next several hours shopping and trying to find our favorite pieces. This moving experience has been one of my favorites. I have loved being able to pick new items for our home with Tyler. This is the first time we have decorated together from the ground up.

Even though we're in our new home we're not quite done with the moving process. We still have to travel back to Missouri and get our things out of storage. It's been a long moving process and we will still be in transition for a few more weeks. I'm hoping things will start taking shape within this next month. We're doing our best to continue to stay flexible and keep taking it a day at a time. Either way, we're having lots of fun and it's been one grand adventure! xo. Samantha