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Hey guys, I wanted to drop in a tell you a little bit more about our new place and share what's been inspiring me lately.  First, I should tell that our new home is a tiny house! It's 325sq ft, can you believe it?! When we started looking for places we weren't actually looking for a tiny house. However we knew which areas we wanted to live in and we knew we wanted to be close to Tyler's work. I did lots of hunting for the perfect place and our tiny house was the winner. You could technically call our house a studio cottage or a tiny house. I'm pretty excited about calling it a tiny house, especially with the current tiny house movement.

We have really loved the idea of a tiny house, especially since we gave away all of our furniture when we left Burbank. With something so small we have less space to fill, hurray! Plus, having less space means we have less stuff! One of the biggest draws of our tiny house was location. It's only a few miles from Tyler's work and it's in a heavily wooded neighborhood. I get to see trees out of each of our windows. It's also in a really small town, we're talking a population of around 7,000. I've been hoping for my own little Stars Hollow (shout out to all the Gilmore Girls fans!) and I think I may have found it. We're hoping to do a video tour sometime too, so you'll be able to see how cute it is.

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Before our most recent Ikea trip I spent lots of time looking for our favorite pieces online. Tyler and I have been chatting about clean, simple design with lots of pops of color. Last weekend we picked out a color palette, hurray! Picking color is always the hardest. We want the large pieces of furniture we choose to be neutral in color; white or grey. And then we want to have splashes of color with accessories.

This past weekend we picked out our favorite couch in grey. We had a larger one in mind, but this loveseat is the perfect size for our small space. We're also planning some special projects that we'll be building that have a few Ikea pieces mixed it. I can't wait to share those once there finished.  I also found some amazing pillows on Society6 that I'll be ordering. I can't wait to start filling our home with our favorite pieces and I can't wait to share it with you! xo. Samantha