Let's catch up, what do ya say? It's been a really busy week and a half. Last Thursday we headed back to Missouri to pack up our storage unit with the remainder of our belongings. We spent all of last Friday going through our storage unit, tracking down items we had loaned to friends, and packing our u-box. Getting into our storage unit made me think we have to much stuff, ha! We have a pretty small space and seeing so much stuff made me a little nervous, but I kept reminding myself that a majority of those things were things we needed, like our entire kitchen. We ran into some rain while we packed our u-box, but we held strong and got everything finished.

Going home to Missouri means we get to spend a lot of time with family, both Tyler's and mine. We went to our oldest nephews baseball game. They were playing for the championship and it was super serious. For such little guys I was really impressed with their skills. We cooked out with family and shot off fireworks and it was more eventful then we were hoping for. One of the fireworks fell over and shot at us multiple times. It was definitely one of those moments you had to be there for.

Tyler and I both took our moms on dates and we saw Jurassic World. I couldn't wait to see it and I thought it was sooooo good! I was glad I was able to take my mom also. We always like doing special things while we are in town. My mom also wanted to do some gardening, so we all headed to Lowe's. Tyler used to be a landscaper so he and my mom chatted about what she was wanting and then we all worked together to make it happen.

We were able to spend lots of time with friends while we were home also. We've been trying to be better at scheduling friend dates and it was nice being able to catch up with everyone. We flew back this past Wednesday. We arrived close to midnight and I fell asleep on the way home, ha! We didn't have much down time, as a friend of ours was planning on visiting and arrived on Thursday. We love having friends over, but it was definitely an interesting experience as we still don't really have any furniture or  kitchen items. Even with our random living space we had lots of fun and we were able to accomplish a lot too.

One of our summer projects / moving projects has been to build a storage bed and the guys build it this weekend. I was so excited! I was really hoping our bed would be built before our u-box arrived and it is, hurray! Oh, by the way, our u-box arrives this weekend, so we'll finally have all of our stuff and a regular bed, whew.  Let's be honest, sleeping on an air mattress for multiple week isn't my favorite.

Not only did the storage bed get built this weekend, but our mini washing machine came too. Have I told you about our mini washing machine yet? Well, a washer and dryer didn't come with our tiny space, because it's to tiny. However, my friend, Sarah was telling me about some tiny washers she had seen online. So, I went looking for one that might work for us and it arrived! I actually didn't expect it to arrive until later this week, but I'm glad it's here.

Whew, it's been a busy couple of weeks. Even though we've had a lot to do, we have had a lot of fun also. We visited the farmers market this weekend, which is one of my favorite things, and we've been doing lots of campfires with s'mores. I was also able to clean our tiny house yesterday, which was amazingly really fun. It really gave me a since that it was ours. There is a lot going on in our lives right now and I'm really looking forward to when things start to slow down. How has your summer been? xoxo. Samantha