Alright friends, lets talk about location and how great it is when a location gives us more then we bargained for. :) Something I love about locations is when I can do an entire session there but walk away with lots of different photos and backgrounds. This session is a great example of that. We were at Loyal Coffee and every where we turned there was something distinctive  about each background making it easy to capture different photos. Let's break down this session.


We were working with the cutest wood table and a brick wall. It was perfect for casual lifestyle photos. We could do things as simple as sitting and drinking coffee or we could have thrown a few friends in and made things really fun. Either way were were able to take great photos in front of a beautiful brick wall and add variety to our session. 


What I really loved about this grey wall was that it was great for contrast and added a little moodiness to the photos. Beth is effortless in front of the camera and this grey wall made her teal shirt really pop. Whenever I shoot against walls I almost always ask for my subjects to take a few steps away from the wall as well. You can get a variety of photos with the wall more in focus and when they step away you can get photos with the out of focus as well. 


This is my favorite photo from this session. What stands out most about this photo is what may or may not be going on in the background. The openness makes it light and airing. Right behind Beth you can see a few drinks... this makes us wonder what might be going on back there... maybe friends having coffee? I also love how the background is blowout, there's what looks like a tree back there and other tables and chairs. There's plenty of depth in this photo which I love. 

Where are some of yor favorite places to take photos? What is it about those locations that you really love? xoxo. Samantha