Shaping Our Marriage

Moving thousands of miles away from our family and friends was tough. Moving to California was way harder then moving to Florida. When I moved to Florida it didn't necessarily feel permanent. I knew if anything happened and I needed to go home I could call my brother and he would come get me. Florida wasn't home and I knew that. After Tyler and I got married one week later we were on the road headed to California. That time was different, I knew we would be making California home or any other state we ventured to, because home was with Tyler now. 

Moving to California was hard, very hard. Though the transition to the city felt crippling at times, moving away shaped our marriage in incredible ways. Living in LA meant Tyler and I only had each other. There was no one there to press upon us their opinion of how our marriage should be. There were no obligations to visit family in town. There was no one popping in to say hello. It was just us and we had to figure it all out. I believe this was one of the best things for our marriage. If one of us got mad we didn't have anywhere else to go to be mad, because we didn't have anyone else.
Tyler and I became a team, viciously protective of each and our marriage. We were all each other had. Now, we love our families and yes, they came and saw us and we cherished every single minute of it. And yes we made friends and enjoy our time with them. And at times we felt very alone and that was hard too. But the marriage that we created, we created without any outside influence from friends and family that we had grown up with. I think it was amazing. We hashed out issues, we discussed traits that we would leave behind, and we decided on the legacy we would be setting for our family.
Do I think our marriage would have turned out great if we lived in our home town? Absolutely. I just think this experience provided an opportunity to shape our marriage in an amazing way.

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