I don't think I have ever lived in a place with so many blooming trees and flowers. If I have, I can't remember. Tyler and I decided to plan a trip to the city before all the blooms were gone and few weekends ago we grabbed a train to Grand Central and we were on our way.

We planned to walk the city and see all we could. We also had plans to stop by The Met. On our way to The Met we searched for a diner. We found the cutest little diner that opened in 1928. It was adorably small. It was as though we had stepped back in time. I ordered a burger and Tyler ordered a club. We sat at a tiny little table, as the diner was full, but it was sweet to see it full and bustling.

After lunch we headed to The Met. We spent our morning taking photos of all the flowers we ran into and snapped a few on the way to The Met as well. It was my first time at The Met and I really had no idea what to expect. The entrance bustled with people coming and going, but once we entered the first exhibit the crowd thinned. We made our way through one or two exhibits and took a few photos before heading to Central Park. We knew we wouldn't be able to see much at The Met during this trip, so we plan on going again.

On our way back to Grand Central we walked through Central Park. It was absolutely beautiful. During our first visit in March the trees were all still bare. During this weekend the trees towered high, full of leaves. The park was alive with flowers, trees, and people. Walking past the pond and seeing the boats was probably one of my favorite things. It's the cutest thing.

As we headed out of Central Park we swung into the Plaza Food Hall. Every time we're near, I have to stop in and see what yummy food I can pick out. I opted for a cupcake again, German chocolate of course, and it was so good. I'm so glad we were able to visit New York in the Spring. It was so beautiful and such a fun adventure. What have been some of your Spring Adventures? xo. Samantha