Welcome friend! 


You have one first impression before any eyes meet the heartfelt words you've poured over your website, before anyone reads that instagram caption. The first thing that says hello are the images that grace each part of your brand. I'm here to help you make that first impression and it's bound to be really rad. ;) 


Every dream starts somewhere

Whether you're running an Etsy shop, running your own lifestyle blog, or serving others through small business, your dream as a creative has gripped you, just like it has gripped me. I'm here to walk alongside you every step of the way, because most likely I've been there too. I started my journey as a portrait photographer, ran an Etsy shop, ran a lifestyle blog, and now I'm here to serve you. I'm dreaming big dreams for where you are going and I'm whipping up the pretties styled stock to get you there. 

Let's have coffee... 

That's me, I'm Samantha, and most days you'll find me running around the house in workout clothes. I feel most like myself when I'm wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top. Every bit of my creative journey has been wrapped up in two things; first, Jesus and second, photography. It was in styled stock photography that I felt like I was finally able to love others well and partner with them in their journey.   

I currently reside in New York, but have deep midwest roots. I spend days editing to country music and getting distracted by shows like, Last Man Standing, The Office, and Downton Abbey. I used to live in sunny SoCal and now secretly wish we could have summer all year long... New York winters are too long. I like to think I'm balanced by working out on the regular and eating my fair share of donuts and dark chocolate. I would far rather have people over, then going out and I absolutely love laughing. Stay a while, friend. I'm so glad you're here.

P.S. Let's hangout on Instagram, I love meeting new friends!