Hi! We’re Tyler and Samantha Kakac. We’re married, we’re debt free (thank you Jesus!), and we live in New York… though we were born and raised in the Midwest. Samantha does all the writing (that’s me,) and Tyler takes 80% of all our travel photos. He’s an experience junkie and relishes his time behind the camera. I’m usually the one taking it in from the sidelines.

Since we’ve been together we’ve lived a few places (Missouri, Florida, California, New York) and we’ve traveled to a few places too.

This is the story of us…


We’ve seen the Dodgers at Dodgers stadium and the Yankees as Yankee Stadium… I became a Dodgers fan… and Tyler remained tried and true as a Cubs fan.

Tyler and Samantha Kakac

We’ve seen the pink sand beaches in the Philippines.


We’ve seen Multnomah Falls and Lin Su Garden in Portland.


We took selfie’s with Mt. Rushmore and viewed the Black Hills of Custer State Park.


Placed our hands at the Hollywood walk a fame and hiked Griffith Park.


Walked the sandy beaches in Cambria.


Stood beneath giant sequoias in Yosemite National Park.


Stood on the streets of NYC at 4:00am to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.


Ate a slice of heaven at Mystic Pizza.


Lived in a 325sqft tiny house for a year… and currently live in a tiny one bedroom apartment.



… So that’s us in a notch-shell. 😉 Wanna hang out more? Great, catch me on Instagram!

Oh, and sometimes I pin fun stuff. ✌️Samantha.