Hey! Hey!

I'm Samantha, I hang out online to share things I love and to be creative. I’m an organized free-spirit, haha! But the reason I’m so organized is because my free-spirited side doesn’t like to think about things… so to keep it together I have to be organized. I have deep midwest roots and pacific island roots, so I’m slow living to the core.

My husband, Tyler, and I are living our debt free journey and it’s been a long 6+ years to get here, haha, but totally worth it.

Anyways, I like things like working out, making photos, home decor, DIYing, being minimalist, seeing how many photos I can wear that shirt in (to the left) … it’s a lot… because it’s my favorite shirt.

So... wanna be friends? Let’s hangout on Instagram! Oh, and sometimes I pin fun stuff. ✌️Samantha